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I was never happy with the fit and appearance of my old crowns. So my sister recommended Dr. Walton. Although I live in Massachusetts and had already scheduled the work with my dentist at home, I was able to get a consultation with Dr. Walton while I was on vacation in Indiana. I was so impressed with his approach to my problems, his staff and the overall experience that I made an appointment while on my vacation. I enthusiastically endorse Dr. Walton for his approach to dentistry, his emphasis on results and patient needs, and for the patient centered-care that I received. I still live in Massachusetts but I can tell you my dentist is Dr. Gary Walton in Indianapolis; It is worth the trip!

Dee Dee Dent

Dr. Walton bonded my top six teeth. I have never been happier with my smile and overall look of my teeth. I now have more confidence, which allows me to smile without second thought!

Katie Slama

I am thrilled with the results of the restorative and cosmetic dental care performed by Dr. Walton! While this was the most expensive dental work I have had done, it created the least amount of anxiety…thanks to Dr. Walton’s chair-side manner. I’ve had a boost of self confidence sue to my new smile!

Sandy Henry

Tony & I are so happy to be patients of Dr. Walton’s. He is a wonderful dentist, always available when needed for services and/or emergencies. We are also appreciative that his knowledge base stays current. This would take a lot of time, energy, and financial investment on his part. However, as a result of this endeavor, we feel he is up to date with how to help us with our dental maintenance, problems and concerns. He also stays current on how ones dental health affects heart health, sleep apnea, diabetes and many other physical sites and areas. We appreciate this. We also appreciate his dental and administrative support staff; they are always friendly and helpful. There is always an up beat positive tone in the office which means a lot to patients. The office is attractively decorated and always spotless. We feel assured of everything being clean and sterilized.

Suzanne Twist

"As a chef, tasting food is a very important part of my life. I recently went to Dr. Walton because I had a crown that had came lose. Dr. Walton fixed the crown and also took the time to look at my bite relationship. He was able to change my bite so that all of my teeth came together at the same time. This new chef has changed the way food is combined and has brought out new flavors in food that I did not experience before."

Chef Thom England

I want to send my appreciation to Dr. Walton, Crystal, and your entire staff for taking care of my sons and I. I had lost hope that anyone could turn around the oral hygiene habits of my sons-but Crystal is amazing. The first time she cleaned my teeth, I knew I wanted her to see Joe and Ben. Her enthusiasm for "clean teeth" is contagious. My sons are now brushing three times per day. Ben is actually using a timer so that he brushes for a full minute. We are not out of the woods yet but I can now see some light shining through.

Dr. Walton did an amazing job on my new crowns. They are so good that they fooled the dental professional who was installing my braces recently. I can't wait to get my braces off and have Dr. Walton replace my older crowns.

Kimarie Green

Hi. I am Tanya. First, and most importantly, I want everyone to know that I am proud to be a patient of Dr. Gary Walton and his staff. I came to Dr. Walton back in August of 2011. I was very shy, scared and completely untrusting of any dentist. Unfortunately, I came to him after a terrible past experience, of many years, with a dentist I had originally trusted. However, in the end, the relationship I had with this dentist along with the huge investment that I had placed in my mouth turned out bad for me in the end. Therefore, my search for a new dentist was long, hard and very unsettling for me. Today, I am so thankful that I found Gary.

August of 2011 was not a fun time for me, as Gary had to be upfront and honest about the condition of my teeth, and especially my bite after his thorough examination. With a full mouth of crowns that had chipped, cracked and wore down in a short period of time, I was told I needed braces to remedy my bite situation before my broken crowns could even be fixed. I was shocked that I would need braces again at the age of 46 after already wearing them once as a teenager. And not to mention, braces on crowns?!! Dr Walton then told me it would be a long process to get my teeth and bite to where they should be. He promised me a successful turnaround of the mess that was in my mouth, but had to be honest about the length of time it would take and the many steps and visits that would come with it. He is definitely a communicator and while I was not happy about the news I received about my teeth, I was so appreciative of his honesty. Yes, I was very scared but am so thankful and happy that I allowed him to proceed. It was a huge journey, but well worth every visit. Not only did I have to wear braces, but my mouth required specialty treatment that most dentists have to refer to outside specialists. Not Gary. He is what I call the "Jack of all Trades" dentist. He is a "one stop shop" and I never had to be referred out to an outside specialist because his expertise includes it all. It is such a comfort to be able to go to one place and trust one dentist to do everything. Not to mention, Dr Walton's staff are the best and have always made me feel welcome, comfortable and at ease. They are all very professional in all aspects and they complete Dr Walton and his work.

I cannot even put enough words into this testimony to tell you how impressed I am with Dr. Walton's work. After a whole year of many visits, I can now report that my teeth are absolutely gorgeous. I receive so many compliments on how beautiful my teeth are and most people do not even realize that they are crowns with two bridges! His work looks so natural. The time, care and quality he puts into his work is the best in the city as far as I am concerned. I did a lot of research during my search for the "perfect dentist" and I am happy to report that I finally found him.

I am so ecstatic and happy with the results of my upper crowns that I plan to have Dr Walton fix my bottom teeth as well. I trust him and that is huge for me considering that I did not trust any dentist for a long time. I was discouraged, unhappy and ready to pull all of my teeth out and get dentures. I am so glad I found him because he has ultimately changed my life, my self esteem and attitude about my overall oral health. If you have not found the perfect dentist yet, you will not regret going to Dr. Gary Walton and his staff.

Thanks Dr. Walton and staff!!! You truly are the best!!


Tanya Renbarger

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